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Install Istio and deploy Bookinfo application on a Kubernetes cluster

Istio is an opensource platform to connect, manage and secure microservices. This article will show you the way to deploy Istio and Bookinfo app on a K8s cluster steps-by-steps.


Illustration: Istio means “sail” in Greek. Source: Internet

Installing Istio

1. Download Istio

curl -L https://git.io/getLatestIstio | ISTIO_VERSION=1.1.0 sh -

2. Install all the Istio Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs)

cd istio-1.1.0
for i in install/kubernetes/helm/istio-init/files/crd*yaml; do kubectl apply -f $i; done

3. Install istio-demo

kubectl apply -f install/kubernetes/istio-demo.yaml

4. Uninstall Istio

kubectl delete -f install/kubernetes/istio-demo.yaml

for i in install/kubernetes/helm/istio-init/files/crd*yaml; do kubectl delete -f $i; done

Installing Bookinfo app

1. Label the namespace that will host the application with istio-injection=enabled

kubectl label namespace default istio-injection=enabled

2. Deploy Bookinfo application

kubectl apply -f samples/bookinfo/platform/kube/bookinfo.yaml

To confirm that the Bookinfo application is running.

kubectl exec -it $(kubectl get pod -l app=ratings -o jsonpath='{.items[0].metadata.name}') -c ratings -- curl productpage:9080/productpage | grep -o "<title>.*</title>"

<title>Simple Bookstore App</title>

3. Clean Bookinfo


Determining the ingress IP and port

1. Define the ingress gateway for the application

kubectl apply -f samples/bookinfo/networking/bookinfo-gateway.yaml

2. Confirm the gateway has been created

kubectl get gateway

NAME               AGE
bookinfo-gateway   32s

3. Set the INGRESS_HOST and INGRESS_PORT for accessing the gateway

Setting the ingress ports:

export INGRESS_PORT=$(kubectl -n istio-system get service istio-ingressgateway -o jsonpath='{.spec.ports[?(@.name=="http2")].nodePort}')
export SECURE_INGRESS_PORT=$(kubectl -n istio-system get service istio-ingressgateway -o jsonpath='{.spec.ports[?(@.name=="https")].nodePort}')

Setting the ingress IP:

export INGRESS_HOST=$(kubectl get po -l istio=ingressgateway -n istio-system -o jsonpath='{.items[0].status.hostIP}')



5. Confirm the app is accessible from outside the cluster

Using web browser and goto http://${GATEWAY_URL}/productpage or:

curl -s http://${GATEWAY_URL}/productpage | grep -o "<title>.*</title>"

<title>Simple Bookstore App</title>

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